How to know if pricey skincare products are actually worth it

When buying skincare products, it’s assumed that we must be prepared to spend a fortune in order to get the results we want. But is this really true? What makes a tiny tub of $100 face cream better or more likely to work than normal store-brand moisturizers that cost far less? Read on below to find out how to tell if pricey skincare products are actually worth what we pay for them.

How to know if pricey skincare products are actually worth it

Don’t be fooled

Expensive product manufacturers spend a lot of money on fancy packaging and advertising, but are they really different from cheaper alternatives? Look at the actual ingredients listed on the product and find out what those ingredients do for you. Some ingredients in expensive skincare products are only added to give the product a more smooth and silky feel but the product’s effects may be no different from a store-bought moisturizer other than that it feels a little tackier when you apply it. This doesn’t mean that all expensive products are the same as cheaper alternatives, but it is important to look past the nice packages and bows and labels and find out what it is exactly you’re getting.

Research, research, research

Research is key when it comes to knowing if that expensive skincare product is actually worth its price. Try to look at skincare brands that share the science behind their products and avoid those who show no evidence for their claims. Also make a list of what it is that you need to treat, then look at what active ingredients are proven to work on those issues, and find a product that contains those ingredients. For example, vitamin E has been proven by science to help with skin blemishes so if that’s what you’re looking to do, make sure you find a product that contains vitamin E.

Read the online reviews

A great indicator of how well the product works is what other people have to say about it. Sometimes the manufacturers will allow customers to post reviews of the product on their website, but these should be taken with a pinch of salt. Rather check the reviews from third-party online stores that sell the product. If the product is not available on third party stores, as many skin products are, this may be an indication that the product is not popular or is exclusive for a reason. One of the reasons manufacturers may refuse to sell through third parties is because of the transparency of their reviews, which the manufacturer has no control over.

Also, be sure to actually read a few positive and negative reviews and not just look at the summaries. The number of total reviews is also very important. A manufacturer with a high rating, but a low number of total reviews does not have a good sample size to make an informed judgment.

How to know if pricey skincare products are actually worth it

Check for a money-back guarantee

Some manufacturers will offer a satisfaction guarantee on their product. This is usually a good sign. But please – read the policy very carefully. There are many loopholes that manufacturers use to get out of their commitment. Again, this is where the reviews come in because such trickery would be exposed if people have used the product before.