Best nail art ideas for the summer

The hot weather on the way can see many of us looking to upgrade all aspects of our look – including our manicures. If you want to stay on trend and add another layer to your wardrobe, then it could be time to opt for some of the best nail ideas for the summer.

Animal print

Leopard print has been a classic for many years, but it could be time for other animal prints to take center stage. Kendall Jenner has shown us cow print can look fabulous while zebra print is another option if you feel like getting in touch with your wild side. All it takes is a steady hand and some patience to bring these looks to life.

Animal print

Pastel colors

Many of us think of pastel tones as soon as the sun comes out. It could be time to showcase the palette on our nails. Sure, we could choose one color, but where’s the fun in that? Pastel stripes not only give us a way to brighten up our nails, but it can also be a way to show off a whole host of our favorite colors all at once.

Watercolor prints

Sometimes, it can feel as though watercolor is just about everywhere we turn. Now is the chance to put the trend to good use on our nails, too. A white background is best to make the colors shine through. Adding over delicate watercolors can be a subtle yet delicate addition to the look while smaller, darker patterns over the top could be the finishing touch that we need.

Hot pink

Of course, hot pink is a color that comes back with each summer. It seems we just can’t get enough of the look! Thankfully, nail art can help us bring our color back to life once again. A simple look is to paint the last two-thirds of your nail with hot pink before adding a red circle to the middle of the dividing line. It might be simple, but it can be effective.

French manicure

Sometimes, less really can be more. French manicures are perfect for anyone who loves to brighten up their look with their clothes compared to their accessories as the nail art goes with just about any look. However, we can also add details to the artwork if you want something a little extra. Small flowers or gems can be perfect.

French manicure

Faded Yellow

The sun is shining, and our nails can be the perfect way to show off the brightness of the season. Yellow nails can be a bold way to show the world that you’re ready to embrace the new season. If you want a new way to wear the color while still getting to enjoy your yellow manicure then why not opt for a yellow ombre that fades to the color at the tips?

Glitter it up

Glitter has long become many of our best friends. It adds sparkle, class, and a touch of fun to many looks. That’s not all. There are so many ways to add the stuff to our manicure that it looks as though there’s some glitter for everyone.

Some of the best nail art ideas for the summer not only give us plenty of ways to liven up our outfits, but they are a whole new way to be creative with the changing season, too. It could soon be time to book in for a manicure.