The best kinds of dogs for extroverts who will be the most playful companions

Dogs are the best friends you could paw-sibly have, but trying to find the perfect dog for you can be a little ruff! Extroverts are often high-energy, noisy and fun, want a lot of attention and love spending time with people. An extrovert dog-owner then needs a pup that is similar, that will want to be busy and enjoy cuddles too! Extroverts need a social dog (or two! Or three!) so that they can both have an outlet for their energy and excitement. Here are the best kinds of dogs for extroverts!

Golden Retriever

Known for being amazing companions, Golden Retrievers love to play but are also incredibly smart too so that you can teach them a lot. These dogs are ideal for those extroverts who like to party and study in equal(ish) measure! Fluffy and soft, these doggos are made to be snuggled!


If they are good enough for the Queen of England, they are good enough for you! Super cute and cuddly, these little pups are really devoted to their owners, so you don’t ever have to be alone. This is perfect for extroverts, who get their energy from being around others. Expect lots of cuddles and laughter with this adorable little bundle of fur.


Weiner dogs are such cute little sausages, and just like you, they are always on the move – although of course with such stumpy legs it takes a while. Extroverts hate to stay in one place and love to be on the move, so grab yourself a wiener dog to have a buddy on your side who feels the same.


Pugs have a lot of personalities, just like you extrovert! A super social breed of dog, pugs live life at 100 miles an hour and with their huge eyes and expressive faces, you will be taking constant selfies of your adventures together. They are happy to get involved in whatever is going on which will make for so much fun.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are full of energy, and as an extrovert, that is exactly what you need! You and your new four-legged pal will feed off of each other’s energy and find yourselves feeling refreshed and revived. You are the perfect pair – you make each other better. Let a Boston Terrier be your wet-nosed sidekick for life.


Labradors are like a lot of human extroverts in real life – outgoing and fun, but also gentle giants who need some quiet time occasionally. Labs are super soft dogs who love to play and will give their owners a whole lot of love and affection.

When your human friends can’t keep up with your level of energy and your outgoing nature, your furry best buddy will be there for you. You can trot through life together, enjoying adventures and cuddles in equal measures!